on the way

image1420810800.jpgAs many of you know, Anne and I are going to DC for the Inauguration of Barack Obama. I'm actually writing this post from my iPhone, on the bus. We left this morning at 7:30 am; it was frigid, but the folks waiting for the bus to arrive--standing on the corner of 7th Ave and 33rd-- were good-natured and smiling. Seems a lot of people are doing exactly what we are.

Well, maybe not exactly. It seems we are very lucky ladies, indeed. Shortly after the election, we wrote our senators and congresswoman emails, asking to be considered for Inauguration tickets--and Anne's name was selected, probably from among tens of thousands, by Hillary Clinton's office. So we got two tickets to the Swearing-in Ceremony--we don't know where we will be seated (or standing) yet, and won't know until we pick up the tickets in person at Clinton's senate office on Monday.

And if that wasn't fabulous enough, we just found out that we are "on the list" for the party sponsored by the Huffington Post, with will.i.am, on Monday night! Seems that Anne's mom met someone who works for HuffPo, through her neighbor, and she told him all about Anne and me, and how we volunteered on the campaign...and, long story short, he got us tickets! The party is at the Newseum, a new museum about media and news that's supposed to be totally interactive and really cool.

I will try to take a lot of pictures and post them between now and Tuesday night. We ran out and bought thermal underwear last night, and feetwarmers, and a blanket...hopefully the temp will get above (and stay above) freezing! In any case, we will be there, cheering and smiling on behalf of everyone we know who wanted to be here, but couldn't.

It's a gorgeous and clear day, an auspicious start to an event that I've been anticipating for a long, long time.