atomic red and cosmic purple carrots

A few of my friends have been writing daily "gratitudes" on Facebook, in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, and it's been a happy frequent reminder to notice and acknowledge all the good things in my life.  

Before our meals here at the convent, we join hands and people say something that they feel grateful for.  When everyone who feels like speaking has done so, we together say the following:  "For these and all your many blessings, we give you thanks, creator God. Amen."  

It's been a wonderful practice for me, to take a moment to reflect on the good, rather than just rushing from one thing to another.

I have so much to be thankful for, but it's unbearably easy to get grumpy and forget about those things.  Engaging in thanks-giving, every day, helps me to shake off the grouch, and realized how blessed I am.

Taking that moment pulls me out into a larger context, takes me out of the intensity or focus of whatever task I might be working on, out of whatever problem I'm trying to mentally unwind, and raises my eyes to look around me.  In that moment, I see the people, the land, the sky that surrounds me, and somehow this moment gives me the clarity to see what really matters.   

Here, in no particular order, are a few things I'm thankful for this season:

the amazing complexity and diversity of life

my growing understanding of the scope and mystery of the universe

my emergent spirituality

being exposed to new ideas 

the energy contained within a seed

food i can believe in

friends, both new and old

all the children and new babies in my life

fifteen years with Anne

President Obama and the grassroots activists that worked so hard to elect him

the smell of rich soil

being able to see the stars at night

those rare moments of meditation when i let go

all my family

Hope you all enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, and that you experience many moments of gratitude in your everyday life, as well.