small delights

image147803990.jpgI'm learning to value the small things, an unanticipated benefit of getting frugal. Today, I splurged. I bought myself a croissant, and I'm surprised to find how happy this one little treat had made me. I've cut out Starbucks and other on-the-go food purchases, buying and making coffee at the office with my coworkers, and bringing lunch and snacks almost every day. I also stopped buying water because of the plastic waste. Reducing those everyday expenses has made me more aware when i think about buying other items, both in terms of saving money and reducing waste--and more and more the cash I withdraw is lasting longer and longer.

So here I am, in my cube, but happy as a clam, not only because I got a little treat, but because I can perceive my framework shifting, because I am more aware about what I truly value, and because getting frugal has given me so much pleasure, instead of feeling deprived. And that's a lot to be grateful for.