learning to love greens

image2143898152.jpgSo I've never been a veggie expert or cheerleader, but I've been trying to eat better for the last few years, and especially the last few months. I think of Michael Pollan's mantra whenever I go shopping, which goes something like this: eat everything, not too much, mostly greens.

So I bought us some rainbow chard, and it was just beautiful! Here's how I prepared them, using a recipe I found on the Kitchn blog: Sauteed mushrooms, onions; set aside. Separated chard leaves from stems, then chopped leaves into smaller pieces. Blanched leaves in salted water, with red chili flakes in it, then drained leaves, mixed with mushrooms, onions. Then added half cup of breadcrumbs, half cup grated jack cheese, and three beaten eggs. Salt and pepper in mix, then bake for 25 min at 350.

Comes out like a casserole--delicious way to get some greens in you! Next, I'm turning to the Kitchn blog again for a chard stems recipe--basically baked with parmesan cheese...I will report on the outcome!

resuming broadcasting

image2123438570.jpgIt was just too cold, and I could hardly take photos, never mind type out updates...epic liveblog fail.

But it was an amazing day, from the moment the alarm woke me up and I realized that it was finally Jan 20. Who needs sleep? Well, actually, I do...

We made our way thru the bus and subway, which took a long time because the metro was flooded with people and the train traffic was backed up...left the house at 5:15, and finally got down to the south side of the mall around 6:45. Then there was the waiting by the "Silver Gate," mentioned below. We got into our ticket area by about 8, and then there was the long, hunkered-down era, involving much bundling, blanket sharing, and wide eyed awe that it just did not seem to warm up. We stayed focused on the crowds, their happiness and their diversity, and, finally,the San Francisco Boys and Girls Choirs started singing. The huddled masses jumped up, jumped around, and cheered on the children. The light was getting brighter, even if it did not grow warmer...and everyone was just thrilling with anticipation...

in the silver section

image1478940541.jpgYay! We are here shivering on the ground but the sun is coming out and we hope the feetwarmers will kick in soon. Anne was reminiscing about the last time we got up this early for Barack: nov 4. But that morning was a freakish 70 degrees in Wisconsin! Not so much today. The streets were jam packed when we finally got to the right gate for our tickets (7am) but we were warmer, all mashed together. That's it for now, my fingers are freezing!