“Erin did an amazing job editing my book (Clarity, Cut and Culture, NYU Press, 2014). An extremely careful reader, Erin identified errors, awkward word use, and problems in my citations. But she did much more than that. She is also an amazing thinker – her suggestions for organization, additional explanation, and even sources greatly improved this book. In other words, she is awesome!”
— Susan Falls, Liberal Arts Faculty, Savannah College of Arts and Design
“I’m a non-native English speaker, and Erin has done an amazing job with my papers and my grant applications. As a doctoral student, Erin helped me express my ideas and thoughts in a way that I would never be able to.”
— Diana Rodriguez Gómez, PhD in education, Teachers College

“Erin is really a fantastic editor. She is particularly good at helping to rid your writing of unnecessary jargon. Whenever she edits my work, it comes back with greater clarity and consistency. I give her my highest recommendation!”
— Eileen Moyer, Associate Professor, University of Amsterdam
“Erin has edited several grant proposals and publications for me. She does much more than editing spelling, grammar and style: she manages to improve the clarity of the argument.

She has certainly lifted my texts to a higher level.”
— Martijn Koster, Assistant Professor, Radboud University Nijmegen

“I can read the same passage ten times and miss a glaring mistake each time.
Erin Martineau, on the other hand, has eagle eyes that catch mistakes on the first reading. She is fast and thorough.

On top of that, she also is an intelligent reader who frequently provides useful feedback and suggestions that go beyond simple proofreading.

I never send anything to a funding agency or publisher
without showing it to Erin first!”
— Kerim Friedman, Associate Professor, Department of Ethnic Relations and Cultures, National Dong Hwa University, Taiwan

“Erin is a fantastic editor – personable, professional and attentive to every last detail. She shepherded our non-profit report on East African village energy through the editing process. I strongly recommend her.”
— Molly Hurley-Depret, Storyteller and Policy Manager, Smart Villages
“Erin is amazing. She is a fantastic copy editor and proofreader but also a savvy reader who has smart and insightful suggestions about content. I also found Erin to be incredibly flexible when I was up against a very real deadline.
HIGHLY recommended!”
— John Andrews, Assistant Professor, Hobart and William Smith College
“Erin is an excellent editor whose hard work, attention to detail, and very constructive comments helped make my book much, much better.

I recommend her services without hesitation.”
— Aaron L. Miller, Assistant Professor and Habuki Scholar, Kyoto University
“This first, completed draft of my dissertation would not have been possible without Erin’s thorough and thoughtful (and speedy) edits. She shined up my work and I feel more confident and excited to move forward. I highly recommend her services!”
— Kara Mary van Cleaf, PhD

“I hired Erin to proofread my book Judging Addicts (NYU Press, 2012). I assumed that the copyeditor and I had already found most of the mistakes; Erin proved me very wrong. Her meticulous reading of my manuscript revealed multiple errors that I was just unable to see, being too close to the material.

She identified typographical errors, provided corrections for awkward word usage, and offered suggestions for passages requiring clarification. Erin helped ease me through the final (and stressful!) stages of book production with her careful proofreading, which she finished ahead of schedule.

I would highly recommend her for anyone who needs proofreading or copyediting services done professionally, thoroughly and promptly.”
— Rebecca Tiger, Associate Professor of Sociology, Middlebury College
“When I first emailed Erin, I was only seeking help with formatting my book to meet the publisher’s requirements.

While doing so, she noticed some errors (in the same manner that I might notice an 18-wheeler headed right for me on the highway). I was aghast! Three very competent colleagues of mine had proofed my work along with me. Since it became apparent that every chapter needed Erin’s fine-toothed-comb magic, I subsequently contracted with her for proofreading and copyediting services.

Thank goodness!! Erin is the MASTER of her craft and I remain relieved every day that I have an error-free book!”
— Leslie Nissen, author of Curriculum and the Life Erratic: The Geographic Cure