Different projects need different kinds of help.

developmental editing

If you are still working out your ideas or are not sure how to structure the text, I can help you get to the next stage. Using outlines and early drafts, together we can map out what you need to do to move your project forward.

This type of editing is especially helpful for book manuscripts, dense grant proposals, and other documents that have complicated, interrelated ideas to express.

copy editing

Once your document has been fully drafted and revised, I read each line closely to make sure the text flows and is easy to read.

In addition to correcting punctuation and grammar, I make suggestions to improve phrasing, word choice, and transitions, smoothing out each sentence.


You’ve worked on the document for hours, or days, or even months.  

When you're “too close” to the text, your eyes skip right over typos, and your mind corrects mistakes before you even know it.

I scour the document and help you find the mistakes you just can’t see. This last-stage review catches those last little errors, and ensures that your document follows your publisher’s style requirements.