ebb and flow, garden-style

My first iMovie project: a chronological slideshow of the main garden here at Bluestone Farm.  You can watch the garden spring up, bloom, flourish, and then subside.  Reminds me of an ocean wave, the ebb and flow, but with moving at garden speed.

All the usual caveats: I'm just playing with photography, and I can see that there is much to learn.  These pictures were taken with an iPhone 3G, before the camera upgrade, so many of the pictures are blurry.  I plan on working with a better camera for subsequent efforts.  I came up with the idea for this project only in September, and could have created better continuity among the shots if I had envisioned this project back in March.  And I now see the value of keeping detailed records of where the shot is taken, what time of day, and other situational information; it would be a cool project to create a similar slideshow as if it was timelapse photography, with each shot taken from the same precise spot, at the same time of day.

Caveats completed. I hope you enjoy the show, and that it gives you a taste of the beauty I've been privileged to behold these last eight months.

Bluestone Farm, Eight Glorious Months from erin martineau on Vimeo.